Golmohammadi, Feeroozeh

Feeroozeh Golmohammadi is an Iranian artist and the first woman from her country to win international recognition in the field of arts. Born in Tehran, she began her art education in high school. She went on to study at an art university in Iran, and during her years of experience, she has developed her own unique style. Her goal is to explore universal ideals and to create symbolic art that conveys spiritual beauty.
Feeroozeh’s art is exhibited widely around the world, and she has won a number of prestigious international awards, as well as participated in conferences on art and books for children. Feeroozeh lives in Tehran with her family, where she teaches art and manages a children’s book illustration association.

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Author : Goodall, Jane

Illustrator : Golmohammadi, Feeroozeh

ISBN : 978-988-8240-49-4

US $14.99 / CA $17.99