Congratulations Lisbeth Zwerger!

Our heartfelt congratulations go to Lisbeth Zwerger who has been awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Prize 2011.The Hans Christian Andersen Prize is presented annually in Odense, Denmark on April 2nd, Andersen's birthday. It is the aim of The Hans Christian Andersen Award Committee to promote the knowledge of the works of H.C. Andersen and so present awards to individuals and organizations, who promote, interpret and/or tell about H.C. Andersen and his work.

The Austrian Culture Minister Claudia Schmied:
“A lucky day for Austrian art”

“With her gorgeous and delicate images, full of brightness, her wonderful characters, animals, landscapes and spaces, Lisbeth Zwerger puts us, book by book into a different world. With her exceptional artistic talent she has given the classics of children's literature a fresh new face. I congratulate the great Austrian artist for this beautiful award,” said Culture Minister Claudia Schmied.

From the Jury

Lisbeth Zwerger succeeds with her illustrations in creating a place of fantasy and Art, in which the work of Hans Christian Andersen can most strongly be expressed. For these many wonderful contributions to publications of Hans Christian Andersen, Lisbeth Zwerger has been awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Prize 2011.