minedition · michael neugebauer edition

Our Mission:

minedition publishes picture books of the highest quality that “open the door to the world” for children.

By working with exciting international artists and authors, minedition ensures books of distinction, focusing on the universal nature of imagination and wonder.

When children are exposed to exceptional books, if they have the chance to discover amazing books, they can develop much more than just a deeper appreciation of word and art. Such books can foster understanding and a greater appreciation of the multi-cultural world in which we live.

Our Beginning:

After 10 years with the Swiss Nord Sud Publishing, minedition – michael neugebauer edition – was founded 2004, first as an imprint with Penguin and now independent and distributed in North America by IPG. Successful on all five continents, today’s publishing structure is well positioned internationally.

The headquarters for Michael Neugebauer Publishing Ltd. is located in Hong Kong where Michael Neugebauer serves as Director of Publishing and works as an editor and designer of all minedition books.

Partners in Quality:

The question is often asked how it is possible for this publishing entity to be so strong and uniquely positioned in the business of licensing. The answer is easy.
The name Neugebauer has always stood for the highest artistic quality and our partners share the same dedication to excellence.

The publishing headquarters for the German speaking countries is located in North Germany with distribution through the Egmont Publishing Group in Cologne.
minedition France, established in 2007 is based in Paris and minedition rights and licences are handled from our Zurich, Switzerland office.

The international production functions as the imprint minedition and is a package with numerous international partners.
minedition’s books are seen all over the world and some of them are available in more than 30 languages.