Author : Ferri, Giuliano
Illustrator : Ferri, Giuliano
Size : 6,6" X 6,6"
Pages : 16
Additional specs : Board book, Color throughout, varnished.
Price : US $11.99 / CA $15.99
ISBN : 978-988-8342-06-8

Life-the-flaps revealing who’s under each mask make the perfect peek-a-boo game for young readers.

Full of adorable animals that will be endearing to young children.

An alliterative text that’s not only fun to read, but will also expand children’s vocabulary.

At the masquerade party you never know who you’re going to find. Who’s behind that pirate’s mask? Who’s under that knight’s helmet? In this playful lift-the-flap board book, children will love discovering the animals underneath, and the alliterative text will give them lots of fun new words to learn. Here is another wonderfully surprising board book from a master of the form, Giuliano Ferri.