Author : Baruzzi, Agnese
Illustrator : Baruzzi, Agnese
Size : 6,6" X 6,6"
Pages : 16
Additional specs : Pull-the-tab board book
Price : US $11.99 / CA $15.99
ISBN : 978-1-6626-5042-0

An ideal humorous, interactive potty training book featuring tabs to pull, funny rhymes, plus facts about animals' excretion, to defuse anxiety about using the potty.

Toddlers can make each animal “poop” by pulling the tab for an engaging experience they can enjoy over and over, driving home the message.

Potty training becomes a funny, interactive game of discovery in this pull-the-flap book about animals’ toilet habits, perfect for fans of Taro Gomi’s Everyone Poops or Julie Marks’s Where’s the Poop? Amusing rhymes about each animal’s routine combine with the chance to make its poop appear by pulling a flap, culminating in an encouraging image of a boy on his own potty.

The bird does it while flying through the air, the dog does it right on a lawn, and the hippo does it underwater. But where does the little boy poop? In his very own potty, of course, in this laugh-out-loud interactive toilet training book from the inimitable Agnese Baruzzi.

On each page a different animal explains its own potty habits in humorous verse, while toddlers pull a flap to make the animal’s poop appear at the bottom of the page. A final flap reveals the boy happily seated on his potty, cementing a positive atmosphere about using the potty.