Author : Ferri, Giuliano
Illustrator : Ferri, Giuliano
Size : 6,6” x 6,6”
Pages : 16
Additional specs : Board book, Color throughout, varnished.
Price : US $9.99 / CA $11.99
ISBN : 978-988-8240-42-5

A simple and delightful celebration of winter’s greatest joys.

Adorable, young art from an internationally acclaimed picture book illustrator.

The increasingly larger die-cuts make this a fun book of anticipation that also employs concepts of shape and size to delight the youngest children.

What happens when you take a little snowball and try to make it bigger? You might roll it up a hill. You might even get some friends to help you roll it, until it’s HUGE. But you might not be able to control what happens next when gravity takes over! In this adorably hilarious, wordless board book, artist Giuliano Ferri uses clever die-cuts to bring humor and anticipation to a charming story of what happens when the snowball of your dreams goes off course. It will have children laughing out loud.