Author : Krejtschi, Tobias
Illustrator : Krejtschi, Tobias
Size : 16,8 x 16,8 cm
Pages : 22
Additional specs : Board book with flaps, Colour throughout, varnished
Price : £9.99
ISBN : 978-988-8342-64-8

 Adorable and wacky, these cleverly illustrated shape monsters are just the right mix of ugly and cute. Kids will love them.

• This book is just plain fun, including a little potty humor (which never gets old for this age group).

 An interactive lift-the-flap book that teaches important concepts like shapes, words - and even a sense of humor.

Little monsters are hungry in this irresistible lift-the-flap board book! But they’re also very picky. The Square Monster only wants to eat square-shaped foods, just as the Triangle Monster only wants to eat foods that are shaped like triangles. Lift the flaps to confirm exactly which foods each monster has eaten (and at the end, you can even glimpse what monsters do after they’ve eaten all that food). Filled with childlike humor, clever design, and a zany cast of cute monsters, this book is also the perfect way for little ones to learn their shapes.