Author : Popov, Nikolai
Illustrator : Popov, Nikolai
Size : 19,5 x 23,9 cm
Pages : 40
Additional specs : Colour throughout, laminated hardcover.
Price : £7.99
ISBN : 978-988-8341-05-4

An important, timely book that will help parents and educators navigate discussions around the many conflicts that roil our world.

A seemingly simple story that confronts issues of disagreements and warfare in a way children of all ages will be able to understand.

The art, deceptively cute, becomes more and more serious as the frog-and-mouse conflict intensifies. Artist Nikolai Popov is a master of the many moods this book demands.

A frog finds a beautiful flower and picks it for himself. When a mouse sees him with it, his jealousy overcomes him, and he swipes it. Frog’s friends come to his aid and chase the mouse away. But before the frogs can celebrate, Mouse’s friends return for a counter-attack. Before long the conflict has devolved into a full-scale frog-mouse war.
By the end of it, all either side can ask is: why? This seemingly simple book tackles an important subject and will be an invaluable way to talk to young children about conflict and warfare.