Author : Patricia de Arias
Illustrator : Borràs, Laura
Size : 10,6” x 9,8”
Pages : 36
Additional specs : Color throughout, laminated hardcover.
Price : US $17.99 / CA $23.99
ISBN : 978-988-8341-55-9

An important look at the refugee crisis as seen through the eyes of one courageous boy.

Teaches the power of courage and persistence in the face of fear and uncertainty.

A poetic text that gives a real human face to an issue that's often seen in abstract terms.

The art is powerful, both inviting and childfriendly even as it tackles complicated subjects.

Marwan is a young boy on a journey he never intended to take, bound for a place he doesn't know. His journey relies on courage and memories of his homeland to buoy him up. Along with him are thousands of other people, crossing the deserts and the seas, fleeing war and hunger in search of safety.
Marwan must take one step after another... taking whatever he can carry, holding on to dreams for a peaceful future. This is the journey of one boy who longs for a home, who walks with uncertainty and hopes for a peaceful future.
Illustrated in a wonderfully bold, childlike style, this is a beautiful, heartfelt story that gives a human face to the plight of refugees all over the world.