Author : Grimm, The Brothers
Illustrator : Schenker, Sybille
Size : 24,5 x 27 cm
Pages : 44
Additional specs : Colour throughout. Laser die-cut. Laminated hardcover
Price : £25.00
ISBN : 978-988-8240-17-3

A one-of-a-kind edition designed by a master paper artist.

This fine edition will become a keepsake for collectors of all ages.

The artwork brings this classic fairy tale to life in a new way that remains true to the Grimm Brothers' vision.

This is a stunningly crafted edition of one of the most beloved fairy tales from The Brothers Grimm. Everyone knows the tale – here retold in its original form – of how Little Red Riding Hood strayed from the path and nearly paid a terrible price at the hands of the wolf. But few will be prepared for the majesty of the die-cut paper and the textured artwork that herein create a cinematic effect across the pages.
Illustrator Sybille Schenker's art – at once simple and complex – weaves a coloruful frame for this most classic of fairy tales.
This is book making at its finest, to be treasured by all ages.