Author : Hauff, Wilhelm
Illustrator : Zwerger, Lisbeth
Size : 24 x 29,3 cm
Pages : 56
Additional specs : Colour throughout, laminated hardcover.
Price : £12.99
ISBN : 978-988-8240-03-6

Fresh translation by Anthea Bell of a German fairy tale by Wilhelm Hauff.
Atmospheric pictures by acclaimed illustrator of classic children’s tales.
Ideal gift book edition of this fairy tale.

An old woman with a huge nose visits the fruit and vegetable stall in the market. Running her fingers through the basket of herbs and sniffing them all she exclaims: "Poor stuff!"
Young Jacob tells her to get her long, ugly nose out of it and take her hands off too. When she buys a sack of cabbages, poor Jacob has to carry them home for her, only to discover that she is a wicked fairy, and his scolding has made her angry enough to cast a spell on him.

Wilhelm Hauff's Dwarf Nose is a tale rich with unforgettable characters and events. From a collection called The Sheik of Alexandria and his Slaves this story of the ill-fated young Jacob will intrigue readers of all ages. The illustrations by Lisbeth Zwerger, winner of the Andersen Medal, evoke all the magic, mystery and drama of this German classic, freshly translated by Anthea Bell.