Author : Goodall, Jane
Illustrator : Litty, Julie Wintz
Size : 14,7 x 18,6 cm
Pages : 32
Additional specs : Colour throughout, laminated gift book edition reinforced binding.
Price : £7.99
ISBN : 978-988-15955-9-1

 Enchanting true story.

 Evocative and reassuring illustrations by Julie Litty.

 Celebrates the eternal and life-affirming bond between animal and human.

Everyone loves Dr White!
Day by day he works his magic on very ill children. Although his treatment is unconventional, it has a great success rate.
Until the health inspector arrives and bans Dr White from the hospital.
Who could have predicted the terrible events that brought Dr White back to the patients who love him?
Based on a true story from a London hospital, Jane Goodall’s enchanting book reminds readers of all ages of the healing power of love.