Author : Danowski, Sonja
Illustrator : Danowski, Sonja
Size : 34,5 x 25 cm
Pages : 36
Additional specs : Colour throughout. Laminated hardcover.
Price : £19.99
ISBN : 978-988-15954-2-3

Stunning illustrations by award winning artist and illustrator.

Finely drawn portraits of individuals as they recount incidents of their own lives.

Verses that gently tease out the thoughts and hopes of the characters

An album of treasured memories recounted in verse with strikingly drawn colour illustrations.
There’s Alberta, visiting the ducks and desperately hoping that yesterday’s nine new-born ducklings will still be there – or Hans, choosing knitting wool so as to make a huge scarf to keep him - and his Lara – wrapped snugly inside it. Eric, who is looking forward to his picnic - boiled eggs mostly, it seems. While Martha, growing plants in her garden ‘gives them love, warmth, water – each might be her son or daughter.’
A wonderfully expressive picture book of desires and dreams and domestic incident.