Author : Muraki, Yasushi
Illustrator : Muraki, Yasushi
Size : 18 x 18 cm
Pages : 22
Additional specs : Board book. Colour throughout
Price : £6,99
ISBN : 978-988-19154-5-0

A  clear and emotionally vivid story about the love between a mother and a child
Important themes such as unconditional trust and being there for one another
Simple and important messages for the youngest of readers and  listeners
Top quality board book for a modest price
Little Jumbo’s mama is not only the greatest, but the biggest elephant ever! Naturally, she is not really the biggest in the world but from his perspective, she is a giant. She is brave and protects him; she plays with him, finds the tastiest fruit and cuddles him when it is time to sleep. And best of all – Mama loves him just like he loves Mama.