Illustrator : Zwerger, Lisbeth
Size : 23 x 28 cm
Pages : 96
Additional specs : Throughout colour, sofcover binding with die cut cover and flaps
Price : £20
ISBN : 978-988-19152-0-7

Excerpts from the foreword by Eric Carle (author of THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR):
Some 25 years ago, while browsing in the children's book section of Scribner's on Fifth Avenue, I casually opened one of Lisbeth Zwerger's books.
Lisbeth's illustrations delighted my eyes and touched my heart as I turned the pages. The pictures make powerful use of vacant expanses and uncluttered space. The haunting beauty and emotion she captures, the mysterious and spiritual quality of her work, had an effect that stopped me and made me look again at the remarkable, unconventional style that seemed to speak from the soul of the artist. When I closed the book I had fallen under the spell of one of the finest illustrators of our time, and I experience this each time I open a book by Lisbeth Zwerger. I am honored and delighted that the magic of this wonderful artist will be on exhibit at my Museum.