Author : Goodall, Jane
Illustrator : Marks, Alan
Size : 14,7 x 18,6 cm
Pages : 48
Additional specs : Colour throughout, laminated gift book edition reinforced binding.
Price : £7.99
ISBN : 978-988-8240-24-1

Jane Goodall is known the world over for her tireless championing of the lives of chimpanzees and the habitat they live in. She is a wildlife star.

The stories are emotional and riveting. It's a book that will be hard to put down for any age.

Including information about the Jane Goodall Institute, this is nonfiction that's a perfect curriculum tie-in.

World-renowned scientist and conservationist Jane Goodall presents ten enchanting and personal stories of the lives of extraordinary chimpanzees she encountered during her time at the Gombe National Park in Tanzania.
Both heartwarming and heartbreaking, the lives of these magnificent creatures are brought brilliantly to life through Jane Goodall's sincere telling. You will never look at chimpanzees the same way again after reading this book.