Author : Basil, Krystia
Illustrator : Borràs, Laura
Size : 9,5” x 11,5”
Pages : 40
Additional specs : Color throughout. Laminated hardcover.
Price : US $17.99 / CA $23.99
ISBN : 978-988-8341-89-4

A touching story of immigration that shows the real-world impact of border policies on families in a way that’s perfect for kindling conversations with young children.

The poetic text gives a human face to a subject that’s often seen in abstract terms.

Internationally acclaimed illustrator Laura Borràs’ art is child-friendly yet universal.

Arturo loves to look at maps. He loves the ways the borders of countries meet. But he and his mother are on one side of one of those lines, while his father and beloved brother Antonio are stuck on the other side. He misses them desperately and dreams of being able to cross that invisible line that separates them. If only he could fly over it... That’s when Arturo notices there are no lines in the sky. There are no lines on the moon. Maybe someday, he thinks, the world can be like that, too.
This touching and timely picture book beautifully illustrates the human impact of borders. It's perfect for explaining a complicated topic to young children and starting conversations.