Author : Brichzin, Kerstin
Illustrator : Kuprin, Igor
Size : 24 x 29,3 cm
Pages : 32
Additional specs : Colour throughout. Laminated hardcover
Price : £12.99
ISBN : 978-988-8341-58-0

Touches on the hot-button issue of gender identity with tenderness and compassion.

Teaches values of empathy and tolerance for those who are different.

Shows that creative solutions can help bridge gaps in understanding.

Felix likes to wear skirts. He thinks they’re fun — plus he likes the way his legs move in them. His family doesn’t mind, but that’s not the case for Felix’s classmates, who ostracize him when he wears his new red skirt to class. Felix doesn’t think it’s fair—why should only girls be allowed to wear skirts? But the merciless teasing makes him want to give up school for good. He wishes there was a way other people could accept the way he dresses. Can his parents come up with a way to help Felix accept himself, while also teaching the other children a lesson in acceptance? An important and timely picture book that tackles themes of empathy and tolerance in a world where it’s tough to be different.