Author : Yu, Zhiying
Illustrator : Ye, Luying
Size : 29 x 29 cm
Pages : 78
Additional specs : Colour throughout. Laminated hardcover.
Price : £30.00
ISBN : 978-988-8341-94-8

A major work of Chinese mythology that’s little-known in the West. This epic poem and the accompanying explanatory notes will provide readers with a fresh view of ancient Chinese culture.

A sumptuous feast for the eyes. The art is beautifully delicate and yet readily accessible. The details to be found across multiple 6-page fold-out spreads will surprise and delight readers of all ages.

A book that won considerable recognition after its publication in China, including numerous awards, such as the 13th Golden Dragon Award in 2016 for best illustration.

The Ode to the Goddess of the Luo River is an ancient, beloved Chinese poem in which an ordinary state official, returning from a routine visit to the capital, sees a vision of a river goddess that’s so powerful, he instantly falls in love with her. Her beauty is ethereal and intoxicating, and yet it’s a love that isn’t meant to be. Alas, there can be no marriage between the earthly and heavenly realms here.

In a masterpiece of illustration, the young artist Ye Luying renders this tale’s lavish world by combining traditional Chinese painting styles with a contemporary graphic-novel sensibility. With its high production values and amazingly-designed multi-page foldout spreads, this is a special book that will entice art lovers of all ages.