Author : Ingpen, Robert
Illustrator : Ingpen, Robert
Size : 19,5 x 23,9 cm
Pages : 32
Additional specs : Colour throughout. Laminated hardcover.
Price : £8.99
ISBN : 978-988-8341-93-1

A richly imagined guide, full of fantastical creatures that will appeal to fantasy fans of all ages.

Marvelous illustrations from the Andersen Medalwinning illustrator bring the dream world to life.

A gentle story about how the Dreamkeeper helps overcome the creatures of our nightmares.

When the creatures of our dreams escape, it’s the Dreamkeeper’s job to catch them and return them to The Great Dreamtree where they belong. To achieve his neverending task, The Dreamkeeper has a collection of fantastical tools and the help of the magical folk he knows. Created especially for his granddaughter, Robert Ingpen has written and illustrated a magical guide to The Dreamkeeper that will both fascinate and delight children of any age.
Knowing that The Dreamkeeper is always at work may help the creatures of nightmares fade away into peaceful, happy sleep.